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Finding a GoPro accessories kit is not a problem now: all the GoPro original accessories are here

Finding a GoPro accessories kit is not a problem now: all the GoPro original accessories are here

"Look, I bought myself a GoPro!" – this exclamation is somewhat comparable to the joyful exclamation, "I got myself a puppy!"

The new GoPro, no less than a four-legged friend, needs protection; it also needs "nutrition" and reasonable treatment. What will the new camera need in addition immediately after purchase? It all depends on where and how you plan to use it.

What do we buy with a GoPro action camera?

Let's start with the fact that you get a GoPro with some nice dowry; the factory package usually includes:

  1. standard frame with three-beam fasteners;

  2. fixing bolt;

  3. quick latch;

  4. two adhesive pads on 3M tape for installation on a flat or curved surface;

  5. one battery;

  6. a USB cable.

Let's take a look at what are the best GoPro accessories you may additionally need.

Memory cards

This is a must-have accessory. When buying a GoPro, you will need a memory card immediately since the camera itself does not have built-in memory.

If it takes about 16GB for 1-2 days of intensive shooting, it is best to get one main card for 32GB or 64GB and one spare to be sure, especially if you are planning trips for more than a week and stable Wi-Fi for uploading to the cloud will not always be available.

Additional batteries and charger

You will also need one or two spare batteries, and a charger (not included with the camera). Those are not a luxury at all but vital necessities. After all, we do not want to miss the interesting moments of our lives due to the fact that the camera was discharged at the wrong time.

Protective films and glasses

No need to explain why screen protectors are needed. Those films and glasses that are commercially available for GoPro can be glued on by yourself.

It is enough to follow simple rules:

  • wipe and degrease the screen surface;

  • remove the protective layer from the glass;

  • Place the glass evenly on the screen surface, slowly and carefully removing the air.

The selection in our shop is decent, so you can choose accessories of any type. If hesitating, our managers will help.